What is Team Stickbug (TSB)?

Around the Summer of 2009 there was a call for help. Anime games were being left in the dust and no one in the FGC was stopping to lend a hand. Streaming entities skipping out on Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, and Melty Blood were common occurrences. Myself and the NY/NJ scenes decided that it was time to take control of our own destiny and start streaming on our own. With the help of my job and car I drove to the nearest Radioshack and bought a couple mics and a mixer. What started off as a joke to troll Team Sp00ky slowly turned into something bigger (a bigger joke?). Over the next 5 years “TSB” would be one of the premiere anime fighting game streamers. While “TSB” doesn’t stream anymore, they still help run and promote events.

So wait, Team Stickbug was just a troll Team Sp00ky?


What is the FGC?

The FGC is the “Fighting Game Community”. It is a general term used to address the group that involves themselves with playing fighting games competitively.

What is an “anime” fighting game?

An anime fighting game is used to describe a sub-genre of fighting games. The art style of this sub-genre can be accurately described as “anime”. Some choose to call them “air-dashers” instead since most (if not all) of the games within this sub-genre have some sort of air-dash mechanic. Some common games you might see covered here are Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth, and Arcana Heart 3. You might also see articles regarding Gundam EXVS even though it isn’t an “anime” fighting game.

Why make a website?

Recently I’ve become involved with the Japanese FGC through KSB2015 and there needed to be an English site for information on the event, so I thought that it was the perfect time to make a website aimed primarily at anime fighting games.

So what can I expect to find here?

You can expect to find information about KSB2015 and any news related to it. In the future you can expect to find news and information revolving around anime fighters and the anime FGC, whether it be news about events or the games themselves.

I found a typo on a page, why can’t you just learn to spell properly?

I’m sorry. If you find any spelling or grammatical errors on this site please let me know through the Contact page.

I think I could write a pretty cool article for your site, would you let me do it?

Right now? No. In the future? Maybe.