Michigan Masters Announced: October 31st – November 2nd @ Youmacon 2014. UNIEL $500 Pot-Bonus!

Michigan Masters has been announced and it will be held at Youmacon this year from October 31st – November 2nd. Useful Links Youmacon Main Site Michigan Masters Facebook Even Page Michigan FGC Facebook Page Dustloop Event Thread Relevant games you can find there are BBCP, P4U2, and UNIEL. UNIEL will be receiving a $500 pot bonus! Discounted tournament badges for just the ... Read More »

The Fall Classic 2014, October 10th – 12th in Raleigh, NC!

The Fall Classic is returning to Raleigh, North Carolina this year for another iteration. This tournament tends to go under everyone’s radar because it’s not NEC or FR, but what people fail to realize is that it’s co-run by both Big Eric and Larry (the two men behind NEC and FR, respectively). The other party involved is none other than ... Read More »

Japan Travel Guide

I posted a travel guide found under the KSB2015 menu. It walks through all the basic information you need to get a feel for what your trip might cost. There are a wide range of things that can influence cost, and this guide tries to cover everything: from purchasing your passport to booking your hotel. It’s currently a WIP, so check ... Read More »

KSB2015 Announced!!! May 2nd – 4th in Osaka, Japan!

Ever since I watched SBO in person I’ve always wanted to collaborate with the Japanese scene to make a godlike tournament in Japan. I wanted to give the US players a chance to play against the best without having to qualify first. I’ve wanted to pull the foreign scenes closer together because that’s the only way we will grow: by ... Read More »

The Beginning.

Welcome to the Team St1ckBuG website! What can you expect to find here? Good question… The main intention for this site right now is to act as an English website for all news concerning KSB2015. In the near future you can expect updates containing Japan travel guides and short posts covering fighting game events from all around the world. Eventually ... Read More »