UPDATED: Super TSB Out of State Attendees

TSB is no stranger to having out of staters enter the tournaments for a chance to get a win over us on our home turf (See TSB: Yabai Invasion). Below are a few of the players making their way over. This list will be updated so keep checking back! PG | Nakkiel: DBFZ TA | SuperNoon: DBFZ SQ: DBFZ, Guilty ... Read More »

Bum’s Birthday Bash 2018

Bum is celebrating his birthday once again with an all-out fighting game tournament. The three games featured are Dragonball FighterZ, SFV:AE, and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Come through and celebrate with some of the strongest players on the east coast (and some from out of state). Did we mention there is a $1000 pot bonus for each game? Show some ... Read More »

Throwback Thursday ft. Arcana Heart

Arcana Hearts has always been in the hearts of the east coast anime scene but it doesn’t always get the spotlight like many other games. What many outsiders don’t know is that a lot of the OG players like Arturo, Spooky, XAQ etc.. played arcana (and were pretty good at it). Check out some of these classic Arcana Matches from ... Read More »

Announcement: $500 Pot Bonus Added to XRD at Super TSB!

Guilty Gear XRD: REV2 now has a $500 dollar pot bonus for Super TSB in April. Do not wait to sign up! Registration for Super TSB is pre-registration ONLY, and we will be capping the bracket at 96 for Dragon Ball FighterZ due to space constraints. There will be NO sign-ups at the door, so be sure to plan ahead ... Read More »

LostSoul Wins Final Round 2018

There is no question that LostSoul is an incredibly talented player. It wasn’t until a little less than two years ago that he was just another player lost in the world of netplay. LostSoul ventured out to TSB for the first time during the first “Super” TSB and shocked many as he took the win from many established players. Fast ... Read More »

Throwback Thursday ft. MarlinPie, XAQshinor, FUC and more

Week 2 of Throwback Thursday we’ve got a classic TSB match up between two veterans, MarlinPie and Xaqshinor (Pronounced Executioner). MarlinPie, now sponsored by Panda Global, has been playing fighting games for a very long time. He has gotten his hands dirty playing several games most notably the Guilty Gear Series as well as Marvel vs Capcom. XAQ on the ... Read More »

Announcement: NYC FrenchBread Smackdown

As a part of Super TSB, the New York French Bread community is running its own tournament for both Melty Blood and Under Night in Birth on Friday April 27th. Exhibitions Start at 5:00 PM Official Tournaments Start at 7:30 PM Next Level Venue Fee is $10 at the door Tournament Fee is $3 (You do not have to pay ... Read More »

Throwback Thursday ft. Mr.Biscuits, Shine, Sp00ky and more

Throwback to an early TSB back in 2010. At the time this video was made, Sp00ky was still the main streamer for Team St1ckbug Bi-weeklies. His logo at the time said “Team Sp00ky: Kings of Poverty”. He was/still is a streamer, Anime player, and commentator. Speaking of commentators, one of the first faces seen in the videos is none other ... Read More »

Announcing: Super TSB 2018!

Team Stickbug, the nations premier anime local tournament series out of New York City is bringing the fire and excitement of Super TSB once again! This April, the best players in the nation will descend on Brooklyn, NY to throw hands in Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2, BlazBlue Central Fiction, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Expect amazing play, passion, and pop-offs ... Read More »