Announcement: CEOtaku Reveals Game List

America’s Premier Anime Fighting Game Tournament, CEOtaku returns for its 4th year on September 21-23rd at the Wyndham Orlando Resort (8001 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32819). Below are the list of games that will be showcased: 1. DBFZ 2. XRD Rev2 3. BBTag 4. BB Central Fiction 5. UNIST 6. Skullgirls 7. Fighting EX Layer 8. Melty Blood 9. GGAC+R ... Read More »

Climax of Night Brings French Bread to the Main Stage

Round Round Moon over Atlanta. 2day Fight’s Annual Collision. Tracing dreams. Rise together to World’s Cry. A new encounter starts anew. The Climax of Night begins. Welcome to the first annual French Bread exclusive tournament for North America: Climax of Night! It will take place in Atlanta, GA on November 10 and 11th! The team and I (Shinobi!) have been ... Read More »

Announcement: Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle

Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle will be joining the TSB line-up starting on May 19th. Come through to Next Level that Saturday and show what you’ve got against some of the best ANIME players in the country! Location: Next Level 874 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA Read More »

Announcement: PG FighterZ League

Panda Global® is proud to present an opportunity for DRAGON BALL FighterZ players looking to prove their worth and flights to Evo 2018! PG FighterZ League is a community league connecting participating tournaments to award points respectively for in-person local tournaments, online tournaments, twitch Sub Only tournaments, and PG’s very own twitch Sub Only tournaments! PG FighterZ League concludes July ... Read More »

Super TSB 2018 Results

Super TSB BlazBlue Central Fiction results 1st- @SuperKawaiiDesu 2nd- @Stein_AFGC 3rd- Tempest 4th- @OmniSScythe 5th- @GroverDP / @BasedTuxedoMask 7th- @OffbeatRhyme / Bojack Super TSB Dragon Ball FighterZ results 1. @dekillsage 2. @SonicFox5000 3. @HookGangGod 4. @NakkielPNW 5. @TheSupernoon / @NecroUndine 7. @NicoMakiDBZ / @hotashis Super TSB Guilty Gear Rev2 Results: 1st. @DreadedRuffian 2nd. @hotashis 3rd. @tsb_blaze 4th. @MarlinPie 5th. @TSB_A3Religion ... Read More »

Announcement: $250 Pot Bonus Added to DBFZ at Super TSB

Dragonball FighterZ now has a $250 dollar pot bonus for Super TSB thanks to StatsHelix: E-Sports Analytics! This will be in addition to the Matcherino pot bonus. Do not wait to sign up! Registration for Super TSB is pre-registration ONLY, and we will be capping the bracket at 96 for Dragon Ball FighterZ due to space constraints. There will be ... Read More »