Super TSB Matcherino Is Up

TSB has partnered with Matcherino in order to provide a crowdfunding solution to our Guilty Gear event at Super TSB. Please follow the link below in order to donate to the pot. Each donation brings us closer to a stretch goal which will provide some extra fun for viewers and those at the event. Show your support by buying some ... Read More »

Steelseries x TSB

Team Stickbug has partnered with Steelseries for upcoming events. Our game headsets for the stream setups of tournaments we run will be using Steelseries gaming headsets for clean, lag-less audio. Expect many great things from us in the future. Read More »

$200 Pot Bonus Added to BBTAG at Super TSB

TSB will be adding $200 to the Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle prize pool at Super TSB. The tournament will be 2v2 FT2 Waseda style format and will go down on April 20th at Next Level in Brooklyn, NY. If you are looking for a teammate or have any general questions, join our discord and ask around! https://discord.gg/DRKdrbS Read More »

Announcement: Super TSB Returns in 2019

Team Stickbug once again is bringing all the hype and memorable moments to the mecca of the FGC at Next Level arcade in Brooklyn, NY for Super TSB! All the best players across the country, and your favorite competitors will be once again challenged to not get bodied in NYC in BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2, BlazBlue Cross ... Read More »

Announcement: Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle

Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle will be joining the TSB line-up starting on May 19th. Come through to Next Level that Saturday and show what you’ve got against some of the best ANIME players in the country! Location: Next Level 874 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA Read More »

Announcement: PG FighterZ League

Panda Global® is proud to present an opportunity for DRAGON BALL FighterZ players looking to prove their worth and flights to Evo 2018! PG FighterZ League is a community league connecting participating tournaments to award points respectively for in-person local tournaments, online tournaments, twitch Sub Only tournaments, and PG’s very own twitch Sub Only tournaments! PG FighterZ League concludes July ... Read More »

Super TSB 2018 Results

Super TSB BlazBlue Central Fiction results 1st- @SuperKawaiiDesu 2nd- @Stein_AFGC 3rd- Tempest 4th- @OmniSScythe 5th- @GroverDP / @BasedTuxedoMask 7th- @OffbeatRhyme / Bojack Super TSB Dragon Ball FighterZ results 1. @dekillsage 2. @SonicFox5000 3. @HookGangGod 4. @NakkielPNW 5. @TheSupernoon / @NecroUndine 7. @NicoMakiDBZ / @hotashis Super TSB Guilty Gear Rev2 Results: 1st. @DreadedRuffian 2nd. @hotashis 3rd. @tsb_blaze 4th. @MarlinPie 5th. @TSB_A3Religion ... Read More »

Announcement: $500 Pot Bonus Added to XRD at Super TSB!

Guilty Gear XRD: REV2 now has a $500 dollar pot bonus for Super TSB in April. Do not wait to sign up! Registration for Super TSB is pre-registration ONLY, and we will be capping the bracket at 96 for Dragon Ball FighterZ due to space constraints. There will be NO sign-ups at the door, so be sure to plan ahead ... Read More »