Other Tournaments

Announcement: CEOtaku Reveals Game List

America’s Premier Anime Fighting Game Tournament, CEOtaku returns for its 4th year on September 21-23rd at the Wyndham Orlando Resort (8001 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32819). Below are the list of games that will be showcased: 1. DBFZ 2. XRD Rev2 3. BBTag 4. BB Central Fiction 5. UNIST 6. Skullgirls 7. Fighting EX Layer 8. Melty Blood 9. GGAC+R ... Read More »

Climax of Night Brings French Bread to the Main Stage

Round Round Moon over Atlanta. 2day Fight’s Annual Collision. Tracing dreams. Rise together to World’s Cry. A new encounter starts anew. The Climax of Night begins. Welcome to the first annual French Bread exclusive tournament for North America: Climax of Night! It will take place in Atlanta, GA on November 10 and 11th! The team and I (Shinobi!) have been ... Read More »

Bum’s Birthday Bash 2018

Bum is celebrating his birthday once again with an all-out fighting game tournament. The three games featured are Dragonball FighterZ, SFV:AE, and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Come through and celebrate with some of the strongest players on the east coast (and some from out of state). Did we mention there is a $1000 pot bonus for each game? Show some ... Read More »

LostSoul Wins Final Round 2018

There is no question that LostSoul is an incredibly talented player. It wasn’t until a little less than two years ago that he was just another player lost in the world of netplay. LostSoul ventured out to TSB for the first time during the first “Super” TSB and shocked many as he took the win from many established players. Fast ... Read More »

Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator 2 Added to Red Bull Conquest

Red Bull Conquest is a regional fighting game circuit empowering competitors to represent their local fighting game scene and embark on the journey to: Rise. Rally. Conquer. The tournament circuit will travel to 15 qualifiers across the United States, with one additional online qualifier, to determine which region has the best players in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, TEKKEN 7, ... Read More »

$1500 Pot Bonus Added to P4U2 at Northeast Championships!

For those of you who missed the short Twitter storm yesterday, Atlus added a $1500 pot bonus for P4U2 singles at NEC! We would like to announce that ATLUS has added $1500 to the P4U2 tournament at Nec 15. Welcome back Atlus :) — eric (@BigENec) September 29, 2014 NEC is always on everyone’s radar, but the event has been ... Read More »

Michigan Masters Announced: October 31st – November 2nd @ Youmacon 2014. UNIEL $500 Pot-Bonus!

Michigan Masters has been announced and it will be held at Youmacon this year from October 31st – November 2nd. Useful Links Youmacon Main Site Michigan Masters Facebook Even Page Michigan FGC Facebook Page Dustloop Event Thread Relevant games you can find there are BBCP, P4U2, and UNIEL. UNIEL will be receiving a $500 pot bonus! Discounted tournament badges for just the ... Read More »