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STAY FREE: The Team Spooky Story

Esteban Martinez with NoClip produced an FGC documentary highlighting the upbringing and successes of popular FGC streamer Victor ‘Spooky’ Fontoñez. The documentary features interviews with Alan ‘St1ckbug’ and Seth Killian as well as footage from the earlier days of the FGC. Watch the video below and please consider supporting NoClips patreon for more content like this. NoClips Patreon Read More »

Guilty Gear Review by Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller, also known as Pattheflip wrote a review for the Guilty Gear franchise. It puts into words why many of the players are so madly in love with the franchise and goes over its differences from other franchises such as Street Fighter. Here is an excerpt: When you hate a matchup in Guilty Gear, you can’t wait to sit ... Read More »