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Announcement: Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle

Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle will be joining the TSB line-up starting on May 19th. Come through to Next Level that Saturday and show what you’ve got against some of the best ANIME players in the country! Location: Next Level 874 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA Read More »

Announcement: PG FighterZ League

Panda GlobalĀ® is proud to present an opportunity for DRAGON BALL FighterZ players looking to prove their worth and flights to Evo 2018! PG FighterZ League is a community league connecting participating tournaments to award points respectively for in-person local tournaments, online tournaments, twitch Sub Only tournaments, and PG’s very own twitch Sub Only tournaments! PG FighterZ League concludes July ... Read More »

Super TSB 2018 Results

Super TSB BlazBlue Central Fiction results 1st- @SuperKawaiiDesu 2nd- @Stein_AFGC 3rd- Tempest 4th- @OmniSScythe 5th- @GroverDP / @BasedTuxedoMask 7th- @OffbeatRhyme / Bojack Super TSB Dragon Ball FighterZ results 1. @dekillsage 2. @SonicFox5000 3. @HookGangGod 4. @NakkielPNW 5. @TheSupernoon / @NecroUndine 7. @NicoMakiDBZ / @hotashis Super TSB Guilty Gear Rev2 Results: 1st. @DreadedRuffian 2nd. @hotashis 3rd. @tsb_blaze 4th. @MarlinPie 5th. @TSB_A3Religion ... Read More »

Announcement: $250 Pot Bonus Added to DBFZ at Super TSB

Dragonball FighterZ now has a $250 dollar pot bonus for Super TSB thanks to StatsHelix: E-Sports Analytics! This will be in addition to the Matcherino pot bonus. Do not wait to sign up! Registration for Super TSB is pre-registration ONLY, and we will be capping the bracket at 96 for Dragon Ball FighterZ due to space constraints. There will be ... Read More »

UPDATED: Super TSB Out of State Attendees

TSB is no stranger to having out of staters enter the tournaments for a chance to get a win over us on our home turf (See TSB: Yabai Invasion). Below are a few of the players making their way over. This list will be updated so keep checking back! PG | Nakkiel: DBFZ TA | SuperNoon: DBFZ SQ: DBFZ, Guilty ... Read More »

Bum’s Birthday Bash 2018

Bum is celebrating his birthday once again with an all-out fighting game tournament. The three games featured are Dragonball FighterZ, SFV:AE, and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Come through and celebrate with some of the strongest players on the east coast (and some from out of state). Did we mention there is a $1000 pot bonus for each game? Show some ... Read More »

Throwback Thursday ft. Arcana Heart

Arcana Hearts has always been in the hearts of the east coast anime scene but it doesn’t always get the spotlight like many other games. What many outsiders don’t know is that a lot of the OG players like Arturo, Spooky, XAQ etc.. played arcana (and were pretty good at it). Check out some of these classic Arcana Matches from ... Read More »