Guilty Gear Review by Patrick Miller

Guilty Gear Review by Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller, also known as Pattheflip wrote a review for the Guilty Gear franchise. It puts into words why many of the players are so madly in love with the franchise and goes over its differences from other franchises such as Street Fighter. Here is an excerpt:

When you hate a matchup in Guilty Gear, you can’t wait to sit down and spend some time figuring out the key to making the next jerk who has the goddamn nerve to pick that character regret their decision every time they find you in a lobby. You’re going to watch all the tape you can find, you’ll play them in casuals, you’ll go through their frame data with a fine-toothed comb and if you didn’t know what an option select was before this you’re going to learn about them now because you will take that cheap shit and you will break them.

In other games, “fuck this character” usually leads to “fuck this game”; in Guilty Gear, “fuck this character” leads to “fuck you.” And it makes all the difference.

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