SKD Tries To Explain Why BBTAG Is Worthy Of Your Love, Respect, and Admiration

Hello, if you’ve gotten here, you probably know me, my handle is SKD, I’m a pretty well known American BB player. Lately I’ve been playing BBTAG a lot, and I do like the game, a lot. I think it’s got everything it needs to be a fun, and ultimately “good” fighting game that rewards smart play (there’s a reason why I only stuck with vanilla BB for so long, but still intend to play this).

In a nutshell, i think this game really rewards good strategy and application, so I think those are two aspects that make it a good fighting game. There is a high ceiling for deep, effective strategies. The game gives you so many options, the ensuing “RPS” can become really layered. Calling it “RPS” is not really applicable at that point though, because the practical outcome is that a lot of wins come down to coming up with better strategies and applying them rather than winning the RPS.

This is one of the big things I loved about BB, and the feeling is retained in this game despite being a lot more accessible, so I think they did a wonderful job. The difficulty is mostly in the strategic portion, but the rest is still not so easy, but all of it is rewarding.

I try to approach things with an objective eye, so I want to address a lot of the complaints that the game has been getting. I think most of these complaints don’t really have any place (they are more “scrubby” than anything) but constant voicing of these opinions can really give the game a rap that it doesn’t deserve, and I want to see it do as well as possible. I try to be aware of my bias, but I mainly want to convey what the game looks like from a more developed perspective, because frankly, most of the complaints I hear are kind of ignorant, and become pretty moot as the level of play irons out.

/Anyone/ can play at low level and complain about some arbitrary thing being too strong, but with a more mindful, encompassing analysis (this is how high level, *efficient* interpretation is born) they will find that is not the case. This holds very true for BBTAG. Honestly, with how sandbox the game is, I think it’s natural that people would have difficulty in being able to utilize all of these things properly…it is super early in the game’s lifespan, so no better time to speak on it as well.

I’ll cover a pretty broad range of things, so overall if you don’t understand the game or want to get into it, this should give you a pretty good idea on how it pans out at a developed level.

Anyways, I’ll list out the general “thoughts” that I’d like to respond to first, and then go down the list. It’s gonna get pretty long, so! There is a bit of knowledge that goes into these explanations, so hopefully it’s a worthwhile read no matter what you think, lol. Anyways, hopefully you can place a bit of stock in the words of a high level player, whoah. Please catch my TL;DR at the end if you must skim!



“The damage is too high!”
“Burst is too good???”
“Burst sucks!!”
“DP and Reversals are so scrubby!!”
“Resonance Chip is too high”
“Autocombos are scrubby…”
“I want to use this normal, but it’s locked in my autocombo…”
“Characters are oversimplified and watered down”
“6 dash is weird and I don’t like it”
“Bro, I wish there were 3 buttons”
“On disc DLC!! wtf man!!!”
“Pushblock is too strong”
“Offense is too crazy, game sucks”
“There’s no assist cooldown, game sucks”
“The game is easy, and execution and skill doesn’t matter”

Even if you do not necessarily think these things, hopefully in how I explain why these are silly to think, you can learn a thing or two about the game and how it should operate in proper application.

Anyways, onto the meat:


“The damage is too high!”

Well, I will say this outright: The damage is not too high. If you are on your red life management, use your burst properly, and most importantly /not get hit by anything stupid/ you will find that you tend to live a pretty long time! I think people who say this get hit by stuff that is really easy to mitigate, or play around, but they just don’t want to even attempt that.

Damage tends to be really high off non mixup starters, or high damage combos give you the opportunity to burst. You get a TON of bursts in this game if you are mindful of your resources, so times when you choose to engage, you should have some kind of safety net in resources.

If you take chip, or get hit by a DP, you only take red life damage! Keep that in mind. Cycle your characters, make sure you pay attention to your assist gauge when you choose to take risks (and don’t blow it all on pressure) and you’ll find that you rarely don’t have a burst to use, and you will always have it by the end of a decent confirm into a setup. Sometimes, even taking the hit with a raw tag is a better option than letting a character get too low on life. This way, you keep your assist gauge rather than getting hit and then bursting, and allow your initial point to recover some health.

When you think about it, your overall team damage is lower if you have one character taking momentum while another recovers. There is no way to snap in characters, so life management is really in your hands!

This is also why happy birthdays are TERRIBLE. Your team loses the option to burst, and you also take double damage overall. You cannot just call your assist all willy nilly and disrespect the opponent’s metered options just because you CAN.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea! There are tons of really bad uses of things in this game, but people don’t realize how poor their decisions really are. The game lets you make what you want, but it also lets you make the bad decisions. And it really, really drives it home when you make dumb ones. On that note…

…Yes, you can die if your DP gets blocked. Trust me, you don’t always need to DP. It is a high risk, med/low reward option. Use it like it is. If you think about it, if you have more life to lose at higher life totals, why would you take that risk? If you have low life, and you will die from 1 wrong guess anyways, isn’t it more worth your while?

The same goes for life management to your anchor character. Even though solo characters can’t burst, you should be working your characters down and get as much as you can out of them as a pair. Sure, you don’t want your final character on the brink of death, but having them come in with full life is kind of wasteful. If they can die from a 10k confirm, instead of having them come in with 10k, maybe making more use of them until they have 7k and making them come in then would be better.



“Burst is too good???”

If you notice, there is also a “burst sucks!!” point. I have seen people complain about both bursts being too good, and bursts being terrible. How can that be?! Maybe, the mechanic has strengths and weaknesses, or, people are just bad (it is both). Burst is pretty well balanced in this game, I do like it a lot.

So, for burst being overly strong, I think it is usually about the frequency of it. Frankly, you can potentially get a lot of them. In one match, you will have many, many times where you are getting hit and your assist gauge is full. But that doesn’t make it a good idea in actuality (what?? no way). There are really good ways to punish bursts too!!!!

People usually talk about anti airs or DP on burst flash, but any good burst will not give you the opportunity to do that, which I can talk about later. The MOST practical way to punish burst is using your assist.

So, if you call your assist late into the burst flash, you can have them come out, punish the burst, and your point character can tech and continue the combo. You can literally do this at any point in your combo, provided you /have the 50+% assist meter to do so, and your assist is available/.

This implies that you can /save your assist meter to make your combos burst safe/. When you think about this, it means that getting hits off extended pressure where you utilize your assist (or even calling your assist midcombo to extend) can actually remove your ability to feasibly bait burst mid combo.

If you come at your opponent with full assist meter, call your assist during pressure, and get a hit, you can still bait (you have 50% remaining at that point) so having full bar before going in gives you a much bigger threat than even 80% bar.

Who would have thought that thoughtlessly calling your assist was really bad!!

Because of differences in bursts, there are some finnicky ones to punish at certain heights and certain assist calls. This highlights strengths and differences between assist value, but overall, most of the casts are outright easily punishable with the exception of Jin, Nu, Blake, and Weiss which each have funny recoils/angles on their incoming animation. These bursts are still punishable, but only with certain assists below a certain height, or in the corner.

For the most part though, punishes are very uniform, so you can apply this very broadly. It’s extremely consistent, and something that really helps you enforce your damage, so this is a necessity to learn.

Generally, you will be doing solo confirms as a result so that your opponent can’t burst, but even if they do burst during your combo while you call assist, they are still at a net resource loss, and have no assist meter for a while.

When you think about what that actually implies, you can definitely bully them, even if you get hit. Think about the long game!


“Burst sucks!!”

On the flipside, for those dealing with people who use this assist technique, or just burst poorly and their burst whiffs and they die…

You gotta learn when you can burst! The opportunities do come.

It may feel like you can’t ever burst because of that assist burst punish, but you should think about what your opponent has to give up in order to do that. If they have under 50% assist meter, burst away. If they have over 50%, you won’t take a CC, at least, lol.

The general rule of thumb to even guess burst, regardless of the assist punish, is that you want to burst during the startup of an anticipated move, instead of “on hit” or during hitstop. So, this is kind of like a “delay burst”. This forces your opponent to commit to moves to continue the combo (and if they do, they get smacked by the burst), instead of burst flash happening during the move’s cancel point (then they can see it, cancel into anti air or dp, and you die). This is why AA canceling to punish bursts, or DP canceling to punish bursts is…pretty useless, lol.

If you are playing a character with a wildly special burst, there are some guaranteed points you can burst and you cannot get assist punished. Or maybe your opponent’s team assist can’t punish you at a certain height. Or your character’s burst tends to whiff on a certain kind of low crush move. Learn what to do and when!

You can burst when your opponent calls an assist, and end up mitigating a lot of damage, or the ability for them to combo into super. Sometimes, just bursting to save a character and let them start to regenerate life, whether it gets baited or not, can be a decent call.

It depends on the opponent’s team, and their resources! Chie with 0 bars, baits my burst with assist? I don’t mind. With 4 bars and cross combo available, okay, that’s a different story.

Cross combo is only available when they have blue bar, so if they assist punish your burst, they had to have started with full meter in order to go into CC. However, if you have a burst while they start a cross combo, their CC ends and they lose their entire assist bar, leaving you on rather equal footing resource wise. This is why CC is pretty rare in combos unless it’s on solo characters or as a DP punish, or the opponent is just willing to let the character die.

Also, note, for your dp to be punished and have you unable to burst, the point character has to hit you. If a DP gets punished by an assist, you can still burst, so sometimes you can take the gamble and weasel out of a big punish!

As a result of the assist burst coverage, your opponent will be restricted in how they can use their assist to extend combos and stuff, so you can accurately plan around solo damage for the most part. This is why characters with decent solo conversions are so good!

Needing an assist to convert, or a convert into big damage with assist becomes moot fairly quickly, as it generally gives you a good burst spot. There is a time and place for these, but the resource deterrent is too important in general and dissuades going for them in most cases.

The implications and threat of burst are great if you know how to work with them. Remember, even if it means you have to take a combo, if you get a guaranteed burst spot at the end where your opponent calls assist to go into super, you trade your assist meter for momentum and a likely reset into neutral. Not bad at all, especially compared to dying, or taking a setup.

You will find your opportunities.



If you are trying to DP in a string, if you want to mash, you cannot be holding downback or back. You can still hold 2 or 3 to block low, or 5 or 6 to block high during airtight strings. If you do this, and press DP, you won’t get pushblock. Wow. Crazy. If your pushblock gets baited, wow. Hold that. It’s such a strong option, that using it all willy nilly should have some kind of downside. You can still react to a move and pushblock, you can react to any move in this game and pushblock. Vineeth is wrong. You can do it. I believe in you.

So, your DP can be made to never give you pushblock accidentally. You can also mask the pushblock input into other things, like buttons, backdash, airdash macro (jump, slight delay ABD) so that you won’t get DP. Cool??


“DP and Reversals are so scrubby!! Why are DP’s air unblockable???”

Well. On DP being AUB, that’s fine. They only deal red health damage, it’s all recoverable. So even if it’s used as an anti air, if you manage your health, what did you really lose, just situational advantage. The only time AUB DP AA is scary as when there is an assist there as well to help them combo, in which case, you can burst and usually hit the DP in recovery. It’s not too bad, especially when you consider if you bait, or they whiff their anti air DP, they /die/. If you think about the risk/reward attached to it, it isn’t that bad. Take the DP. Don’t cry. Play risk/reward. It’ll be okay.

I know people think it’s obnoxious that you can’t JUMP IN SOMEONES FACE AND THEY DP AND I WAS TRYING TO PUNISH THEIR THROW BUT THE DP BEAT ME AND yeah, but this is BBTAG. You have to commit a little more to punish throw. On one hand, you take the potential red health damage. And if they are wrong, they die. If you got what you were looking for, they would have taken so much more damage than you could have.

You can feasibly backdash to bait throw (still leaves you able to tech no matter what), or just jump high enough to make some DP’s whiff. You can iad over to make both whiff if you have a suitable punish. You can use your assist to attack, and then be ready to tech the throw and punish the DP, and then pushblock them if they mash. You have options!! The risk reward on DP is definitely well balanced, you need to learn to play the rest of the game to put them in proper perspective.


“Resonance Chip is too high”

So, there is one thing I will concede. Jin’s ice wave super in resonance is too strong. It does too much chip for how safe and fast it is. I tried to get this super nerfed. It has not yet gotten nerfed. I hope it will get nerfed. Even then, there are ways you can deal with it, but it is tough. But, these are more general tips to dealing with resonance.

So, resonance, as the comeback factor in the game, is generally scary because of the meter gain and chip it allows the opponent to deal. The saving graces for dealing with this is that you cannot die from chip, and that chip only deals red health damage.

Once you have no resonance, you have no way to recover red health damage. This means having a 2v1 advantage and weathering out your opponent’s resonance is actually a big deal, and also saving your own resonance to recoup some of the damage you took from your opponents resonance in a 1v1 situation is also very important (just make sure they don’t kill you during it).

If you situate yourself well, and deal with your opponent’s resonance in a smart manner (remember, their timer goes down during your pressure strings and supers, even long ones!) you can mitigate a lot of their damage potential.

Just…be careful of STORM OF BLADES. If you have to, sacrificing one character to take all the chip damage is better than trying to save them and having both be on fumes.


“Autocombos are scrubby…”

I don’t know why people think this, but it’s not like autocombos are optimal or anything. IT’S OK that babymode players can do a combo that doesn’t give them close to optimal damage or a setup. It’s no big deal! But they do still have their place in developed play.

Autocombo normals are used for more than just auto combo at high level application, and it’s nice to be able to have MORE POTENTIALLY USEFUL NORMALS. They are not only babbymode training wheels, having extended normal chains on a single button can give your character more, really, really good moves, lol.

All autocombos in this game give you unique normals anyways, so there are a lot of uses that they have in pressure, and some can even help you optimize certain routes. To feel like they simplify anything, or water down anything, is just plain ignorant. I don’t really know how else to expand on this but yeah. They definitely have their place in a high level application. Just think of them as extra normals you only use during certain hit/block situations, that’s all. They are very useful!


“I want to use this normal, but it’s locked in my autocombo…”

This kind of thing is usually the sentiment of players who are coming to this game with characters that they’ve played in prior games. I see a lot of things like “I wish I could do hyde 6B! How could they deprive my favorite character of his best normal??”. The best normal in UNI context is not going to be the best normal in BBTAG context. You may not actually need to, or want to use that normal, and that’s fine. Even if it was good, Hyde did not have an assist in UNI.

You have to play these characters in BBTAG, not in their original games, so. To be honest, I do think that the characters were ported relatively well, and retain the meat of what made them “them”. Maybe you don’t have access to all your normals, and “this would be dope if they could do this!!” but this thing they can do with assist is also probably dope, if not stronger as an option. All characters have to play with what they have. It’s best to think about how they fit into BBTAG with their current toolset, rather than “what they used to have”.

For wanting autocombos on whiff, please, no. It definitely makes the neutral super guessy, and with the kind of assist coverage you can do, it’s just too much. Plus, a lot of the autocombo normals were made with the intention of being autocombo normals. They can be HUGE or outright dominating, like Blake 5BB. Would you want Blake to be able to do 5BB in neutral? Maybe I would, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for the game lol.


“Characters are oversimplified and watered down”

Tell me if you want to fight bona fide izayoi with a taggable assist.

Straight up, yes. Of course. They should be, because this is a 2v2 tag game, and your set of options is still so varied if you know how to use your assist in neutral and stuff. When I think about the amount of options I have in neutral, and the things I can take into consideration, the depth is far from simple. There are many things to keep track of, and the overall option set of your character with an assist is probably not far off from their actual option set where they come from. Hell, some characters actually have way more options, especially in neutral lol.

If you do feel like that is a downside, you are either not using your assist well in conjunction with your character, or are hung up on them not being a perfect incarnation. It’s fine! Like I said, a lot of the characters were ported well, IMO. Their essence is in tact. They are in a different game, you have to play them like they are.


6 dash is weird and I don’t like it”

Okay, this is kinda opinionated but. This has been one of the weirdest sounding things that I think pans out really well. It is quite nice, and you can still slightly adjust your spacing really well because it’s an acceleration based run, so you can run and stop fairly quickly and not cover much space.

I remember very early on it was a little strange but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite intuitive. It also allows characters to have different options with [6] or 66, so theres that.

The big thing is that it does allow people to do microdash combos super easily. Something that not a lot of people could do so reliably! And it is very simplified now.

The other thing is that there is literally no lag time going from a run to block, like there is in BB where you have to manually brake with barrier to be able to guard. Also, the chance of you getting hit on your run input is much, much lower. Especially in such a hectic game. Do you want to get hit trying to do 66 every time by a projectile you weren’t ready for. No? Why not??

6 dash is actually pretty nice! It feels at home in this game, and the accessibility aspects that it offers is nice too.


“Bro, I wish there were 3 buttons”

Bro. There are three buttons. Anyways, you should be pressing your assist button like 3 times more than you would in DBFZ. I dont know what else people want, there 5C, 2C, jC, and special moves on 214,236, and sometimes 22C. Sure, you wouldn’t be using your 5C so liberally, but most character’s 2C’s are really good. Most are like, far, special cancelable sweeps. It’s useful! and jC’s are generally very useful too…I dunno, lol. Another one I don’t have a lot to say about.

Oh, I do think having somewhat linear selection of normals is important for the game. With the amount of options that you would have with an assist, it can get pretty crazy, so narrowing it down to a select set of useful normals is pretty nice for accessibility to strategizing, i think, and prevents the game from getting too crazy and unexpected. When you play matchups, it isn’t like you have to learn 50 thousand things about the character, which was something that a lot of people complained about for vanilla BB.


“On disc DLC!! wtf man!!!”

Let me just keep this real short. The hackerman incarnations of those characters on disc are so. damn. old. SO OLD. “But SKDaddy, why are the sprites on the disc when it’s paid D-” STOP.



The work that goes into the characters, the brunt of the work that you are paying for, is the port of the character into BBTAG their design, blah blah. The hackerman versions of Aigis and Yang are completely different than their final release versions. They are very, very different. The DLC you are getting is not the hackerman character.


“Pushblock is too strong”

Pushblock! Pushblock is super good. It is gonna be your best friend. It costs 1 meter, rightfully so, and gives you 10f of blockstun from the activation, no matter how much blockstun you incurred prior. One of the biggest complaints I hear about pushblock is that people feel like they can’t pressure since they just get pushed out and zoned, or even pushblocked and whiff punished.

So, this is one of the things that you have to play around, and when you do, it’s not really that bad. When you think about it, if you make your opponent spend the bar over and over, wow. They waste their meter. It’s generally a resource win for you. UNLESS you get pushblocked and then punished, so this is mainly what I am talking about when I say you need to play around it.

You can commit to gatlings that you know are safe (like for blake, 5aa, or 5aaa2a works well, or even 5a 5b), and if they waste their meter on pushblock over and over again, you can pressure them without the worry of it and go for much more “dangerous” strings. But understand that certain gatlings ARE DANGEROUS WRT PUSHBLOCK. This is just a reality you have to live with. But, you can dissuade your opponent from using it, to make it so that you can feasibly use these!

Every character has moves that can safely whiff on pushblock and recover in time before the opponent can punish, and you can even call your assist into the mix (only the character that initiated the blockstun that the pushblock happens in will get pushed back) to further mitigate the pushblock. However, be mindful of how much blockstun your opponent will have, so they can’t just pushblock you and punish your assist (unless you can cover them!).

The general idea is going to be to get your opponent to feel “if i pushblock here, i’ll still be in blockstun from the assist, so it’s going to be a waste of meter” or “if i pushblock, i MIGHT be able to reset to neutral” which could be enough! But, that alone can help you sneak in some dirty stuff.

It’s about conditioning your opponent how to use it, and then working with that. In a nutshell, it’s up to you to make the meter expenditure as expensive as possible. Pushblock is still really good, very, very useful, but it does have it’s cost. It’s risk/reward is pretty well balanced as is.


“Offense is too crazy, game sucks”

Here’s the deal. You have a lot of defensive options. You have pushblock, you have dp. You oftentimes have invincible supers on both directions to fight crossups! You can extend your blockstun with a late pushblock to keep yourself in blockstun to mitigate left right mixup (you don’t have to switch left/right guard if you are in blockstun and an attack makes contact with you). You can cancel your blockstun really early and jump out of the crossup too! You can dp the crossup by letting go of downback and mashing DP so you don’t get pushblock! You can hold assist, and DP (riiiiiiiiiiight on the crossup because it requires a gap, you can’t dp assist on the same frame so you have to wait a little before your DP) so just in case your DP whiffs the assist comes out and keeps you safe (though this is really team/mixup dependent, lol)!!! You can mitigate a lot of forced high low mixup situations with pushblock to cut your blockstun from an assist! If you get hit after you super, you can still burst because most of the grimy mixups involve having both characters out!!

Honestly, the game gives you options out the ass. Sometimes it means you have to save meter, but wow. There it is! The game makes you feel the weight of your resource decisions. And most of them are conveniently structured to where very weighted offensive situations have their cons, but you just have to dig and figure out what they are. The way resource play works in this game, offense really isn’t too crazy when you think about the resource and opportunity cost of strong offense. Sure, they can do a crazy mixup, but it’s easily burstable if i get hit? Wow, i spent all my meter on random supers, now I can’t pushblock to save myself??

Resource game and forcing your opponent to work around your resources…is too important for mitigating offense. It gives you a workable offensive load you can deal with traditionally.

Sure, there is an expectation to what you should be able to guard, yes, you should be able to break throws on reaction, and block most 5C’s rather consistently enough. Even if that isn’t enough, there are a ton of really good option selects that you can do to break throws, pushblock, etc. You can do 7~1ABCD to OS throw tech, pushblock, and if you aren’t being thrown or in blockstun, airdash back. There are such strong system options for defense in this game!!! You just have to learn them, and be mindful of what your resources will allow you to mitigate. There are a lot of very strong responses you can potentially have, the offense is fairly well balanced in that regard.


“There’s no assist cooldown, game sucks”

Well. This is the way the game takes shape. Your neutral in this game is going to be based around what you can do with your assist. That is what synergy is all about. It is however, still weighted towards dealing with the point character, especially with how bursts tend to work. If you get nailed by Jin ice car assist while trying to anti air, suddenly, you have a potential burst point. You can actually mitigate the entire combo worth of damage. If they hit you with the point without using their assist, their combo usually becomes burst safe thanks to the assist punishes.

You should still think about these things in terms of risk reward, but I can understand how it can be a bit abstract if you don’t understand how these things work, especially burst opportunity. Overall, that’s what makes the game so interesting, especially with rather limited individual characters: you are actively using two! Many characters have qualities and gameplans tailored around playing with a partner, so yeah. Take a bit to look at all your options to respond to things, especially in neutral.

I like the way it is, it keeps your decision making fast and dynamic. And the implications of having your assist in or out are pretty big! I would not want to play 1v1 fighter BBTAG, at that point I would just play vanilla BB. Totally the thing that makes this game and it’s characters fun, varied and fresh. I am usually not playing Blake, I am playing Blake+Jin.

The overall risk/reward on dealing with assists is fine in most cases, and many characters have great options and coverage to dissuade random assist calls. Wave supers, active normals, etc. Understand how they work, and how you can restrict your opponent so that the reason they, or you don’t call your assist isn’t because there is cooldown, but because it is a really bad idea. That’s way more fun! And, you can call your assist and die if you want to. Choices!!!


“The game is easy, and execution and skill doesn’t matter”

Boy if you don’t…

The strategic roof in this game is very, very nice. It offers a lot of depth in ways that other games don’t have, and despite a kind of “accessible” impression, there is a lot to it! I think they did a really good job of making the strategic aspect easy to get into, with a high ceiling, and being very rewarding. Ease of execution is a good thing, as long as it doesn’t hamper depth. And the right things are easy, but there are still ridiculous optimizations and benefits to execution as well. If you haven’t seen these, or whatever, take my word for it. I’m pretty well known for having good execution, and this game has some tough stuff in it that is really rewarding!

If you play well, the game will not hand out wins to scrubs. You can dearly punish your opponents for poor use of their resources, and make them feel the weight of their decisions. All fighting games have some aspect of volatility to them, but this game is not excessively wild or scrub friendly in that way. I do applaud how beginner friendly it is in terms of controls, and I think that’s a great step. It’s nice, it’s a solid bridge between a skillful game and accessibility, so I’m excited to see it grow.


TL;DR / Wrap Up

The game is good. Game is good guys! I shout. I think I’m usually considered to know what I’m talking about when it comes to BB. And I like this game. A lot. It is fun, smart, and rewarding. A lot of complaints come from players who come into this game and get killed for doing the thing they wanna do, and are like DAMN GAME IS BUNS but they probably just lost to someone doing the exact same thing in their context. You are probably not playing as smart as you think you are.

BBTAG does a great job as a competitive fighter, but I think a lot of people get tripped up in things they don’t understand in it’s design, especially things designed to be user friendly. Another thing is that because the game features so many guest characters, a lot of players come into the game with preconceived notions of how things should work. Take a step back, and play BBTAG for what it is. You have to play smart with the tools you are given, but damn are you given a lot. There is so much you can come up with to great effect. Really nice sandbox feel. Give it an earnest chance!

It’s good! I shout.


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