UPDATED: Super TSB Out of State Attendees

UPDATED: Super TSB Out of State Attendees

TSB is no stranger to having out of staters enter the tournaments for a chance to get a win over us on our home turf (See TSB: Yabai Invasion). Below are a few of the players making their way over. This list will be updated so keep checking back!

PG | Nakkiel: DBFZ
TA | SuperNoon: DBFZ
SQ: DBFZ, Guilty Gear
TSD | tenpai!!: Guilty Gear, VSAV
UMAD | MTLxSpider: Guilty Gear
Miller2B: DBFZ, VSAV
Eshi: Blazblue, DBFZ
AM | Papa Leo: DBFZ
AM | Graph: Blazblue
Hotashi: Blazblue, Guilty Gear, DBFZ
Psykotik: Unist
SUGOI | Juushichi: Unist
Redblade: Unist
Takashi: Unist
NerdJosh: DBFZ
VicViper: VSAV, DBFZ
ChocoBiscuits: DBFZ
Fan: Guilty Gear, Blazblue
Voltampt: DBFZ
RogueYoshi: DBFZ

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