Announcement: NYC FrenchBread Smackdown

Announcement: NYC FrenchBread Smackdown

As a part of Super TSB, the New York French Bread community is running its own tournament for both Melty Blood and Under Night in Birth on Friday April 27th. Exhibitions Start at 5:00 PM Official Tournaments Start at 7:30 PM

Next Level Venue Fee is $10 at the door Tournament Fee is $3 (You do not have to pay to pre reg for this event, you can pay the day of)

Pot Bonus Distribution between the games will be split based around player entry for both games

Payouts will go to the top 4 players of the event

This Matcherino is to help increase the pot bonus for the event and allow for bigger payouts to the players

Register Here

For more information, reach out to Monta on his twitter

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