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So we’re a little under 3 months away from KSB2015 and things are gently falling into place thanks to the very hard work of Kyamei (@hir0yuk1). A lot of this information has been posted before but now that the games have been finalized and sign-ups have officially started it’s time to announce all necessary information for those attending and possibly for all of those still on the fence.

KSB2015 Information

    • Main Tournament Website: http://kvo2k.com/ (Japanese Only)
    • Dates: May 2nd – 4th 2015
    • Venue Fee: ¥2,500/Day
    • Game Entry: Free
    • Venue: Independent Theatre 2nd, Namba, Osaka, Japan
    • インディペンデントシアター2nd (Website)
      〒556-0005 大阪府大阪市浪速区日本橋4丁目7-22

Game List + Schedule

  • Saturday May 2nd: DFC + AH3LM + UNIEL + Aquapazza (3v3) + Koihime Musou
  • Sunday May 3rd: P4U2 [EVO Qualifier] + Xrd [EVO Qualifier] + BBCP + UMvC3 (3v3)
  • Monday May 4th: Smash4 + Melee + UMvC3 (1v1)

Live Streams

You can find all other information regarding KSB2015 here.

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