GUTS 3, September 19th – 21st at Foxwoods Casino, CT Featuring Ruu!

GUTS 3 is coming up soon and it’s definitely a tournament you’ll want to keep your eye on. Why? Because Ruu, undoubtedly the best Bridget player in the world is attending! Lost of players from the North East will be attending as well, so the level of competition will be fierce.

Useful Links

You can find all information regarding the event on the Facebook event page. Sadly, the venue has been sold out for a while now, but you can still book rooms near neighboring hotels.

Ruu at a-cho

Make sure to keep your eye out for Ruu if you plan on attending and be sure to say hi! He’s extremely friendly and his English isn’t half bad! I had the pleasure of meeting and playing him on my most recent trip to Japan.

For those of you who don’t know who Ruu is, here’s a video of him playing at Mikado, possibly the strongest arcade for Guilty Gear in Japan:

Here’s a classic video of him playing at Mikado in the pre-SBO 23v23 where he destroys about half of the opposing team:

Direct link to the NicoNico video.

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